Any feedback on my story idea?

Hello, so I’m new and just came up with a story that I’m starting to create characters for and it’s LL.

The title is called The Family Reunion


Main character -



Parents -

Jessica = mom


David = dad


Girl Siblings -

Vicki = the rude/sassy daughter


Diana = the selfish daughter


Isabel = the nice/thoughtful sister


Boy Siblings -

Kyle = the mannered son


William = the closeted son


Gabriel = the rude/nice son


• The genre is horror

• The definition is: Kathleen was invited to a family reunion to unite with people she hasn’t seen in 10 years, when she arrives at the dinner party everything isn’t what it seems to be. (I might need help with the definition but not right now)

The whole story starts with an invitation that Kathleen (the main character) gets when someone knocks on her door, she ends up finding a letter on the ground when she opens the door. When she arrives at the house everything starts out as normal but as time passes by and she gets to know everyone she starts to have suspicions and when the lights turn off a murder happens. (I’m rlly bad at explaining sorry) Anyway so here’s another definition: So basically a reunion is when a family who hasn’t seen each other in a long time reunite together. Kathleen (the main character) gets invited to a family reunion but everything is not as it seems when someone in the family dies as soon as the lights go off everyone starts having their suspicions.

And the shorter version: It’s just a horror story about a murderer in the family. ;-;

I really can’t say anything else about the story because that would just give away the plot :slightly_smiling_face:

Really need some feedback on my story idea…


I think its a pretty cool idea

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The plot is good, but it reminds me of Murder is Served. I’m not saying you copied this author :((( sometimes we write plots that are similar to other stories (it happens to me sometimes). You could change some things and I’m sure your story will be unique and fun to read (I would read it when you publish it)

I don’t mean to be rude, sorry if this sounds offensive

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Thanks so much for the feedback, I’ll make sure to change some things so it won’t be the same.

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16 seems a little young to give birth… it’s possible, but idk how many parents let their teens have s*x at 15/16. So maybe change that part, and keep in mind some of the other siblings’ ages as well. (Like how Gabriel is older than his dad, which is very weird?!) Otherwise, it seems good!

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Thank you! I decided to change Gabriel’s age to 27 instead, didn’t see the mistake that I made accidentally so thank you and I’ll keep other children’s age in mind I just got lazy and didn’t wanna have any smaller children but I might change it later.

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