Any forum users from Indonesia? I need help

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Thanks to @shellos for help on one of my characters who are French. And about my other side character (could I call her that or something else?), Violet. I’ve decided to change her from being from Bhutan to Indonesia. And now I need help from any forums users who are from Indonesia, so I won’t misrepresent her. In case you are wondering, here is what Violet looks like:

Now that you’ve seen what she looks like, here are my questions:

  1. What are some common (or just in general) languages spoken in Indonesia?
  2. What kind of food do Indonesians eat there?
  3. Any special holidays?
  4. How do Indonesians sound when they speak? Do they pronounce the letter a like “ah” or something?
  5. This is a dumb question (so sorry if I sound uncultured), but what would you call Violet’s accent if she’s Indonesian?
  6. What do Indonesians wear?
  7. What stereotypes should I avoid?

Feel free to provide me with any more important information I should know about her ethnicity (for the record, she’s also part African-American).

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ah i am from the netherlands, so can’t help with it. i know france but i don’t REALLY know it.

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i can only answer 3 out of those questions and #3 she looks like someone who would be from paris,paris is the capatial of france its also the center for art,and fashion
#6 depending on witch your asking for i know that in france/paris they eat a lot of pastries like macaroons and croissants
#5 For french people they dont really have a spasific look to them they kinda just come from there and for the outher one if ther asian there eyes

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  1. That could work, thanks!
  2. Thanks again!
  3. Oops, I should have been more specific, but thanks.
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glad i could help

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if you have specific countries I recommend to write those instead of just eruope and Asia. example I live in Europe but I know nothing about any other country than the one I live which is Denmark.


Got it👍🏽

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I do mean in the title btw

Oh, right! That too!

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I second this. I’m European too but I live in Italy, which is on the other side of Europe compared to Denmark. Quite different and well separate cultures here.

French speaking European countries are France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco.

If I may, I can try to answer this

My country (Italy) borders with France and Switzerland. I’ve been to both before and tbf I’m not the best at distinguishing French from other Europeans. Abroad in Europe I’ve been mistaken as a German a couple times, just to make an example.

Stereotypically, I would say French/central European people tend to have straight-ish, light hair with lighter eyes, smaller noses and lighter skin tones. However… that’s just stereotype. French people with dark textured hair, dark eyes, stronger noses, and a richer complexion do exist.

I went to Nice on vacation a few years ago. I got there by train since it’s not that far from the French-Italian border. While I was there, there were a lot of times when I couldn’t tell Italians from French, Americans or Germans :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Well, luckily for you and me, I wasn’t stereotyping Elodie based on her physical appearance, but you make a good point. And thanks for telling me which European countries speak French

Ah no, I didn’t imply that. It was just to prove a point that sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is French, German, Spanish or Belgian until they speak. And no problem!

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hey! i’m french, if u still need help :blob_hearts:

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Oh, I would definitely appreciate it! Can I pm you?

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of course!

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Thanks! I’ll send you a message in a moment!

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Any users viewing this and want to help, refer to the first post of this topic before replying. I’ve changed the title and questions of this thread.


(I am not Indonesian) - I am from New Zealand.
There are some things that I know, however, that could help you. I’m very surprised no Indonesians responded to this topic?

Here is what I could answer
  1. English and Indonesian - (English you are required to learn, I am pretty sure. My friend from Indonesia speaks English. I’m sure she told me they learn English to help with studying. Regardless, a lot of Indonesians speak English there.)
    The Indonesian language is called Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa for short. Or just Indonesian.
    There is Javanese, which is considered a language. Where they speak in Java, which is apart of Indonesia. It’s regional. Which Region you live in determines what language you speak.
    (Malaysia is its own country. But it is next to Indonesia. And the languages are almost similar.)

  2. They eat quite a lot of white rice. Meaning, they eat rice with a lot of foods. Specific food to Indonesia: Sambal (Sauce), Satay (Sauce), dumplings…

  3. Not sure.

  4. The vowels of the language are as goes:
    A (aahh)
    E (Eeehh)
    I (e - like pronouncing the letter E)
    O (ooohh - like the ‘aw’ in “lawful”)
    U (ooo - like ooo in “moo”)

The English they learn is perhaps USA English, I’m sure. They would sound american-ish but of course with the original Indonesian pronunciations in words and with tones. (Yes. A would be said as A if they were speaking English).

  1. Indonesian accent. But it depends on which Region she’s from.

  2. Normal clothes.

  3. The only stereotype I can think of, is thinking all Indonesians live in those huts or in a village. Not all of them do. There are towns/cities.

These are what I think I know. :grin: :sweat_smile: :two_hearts:

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