Any free, good artist who can do an art scene for me?

I’m looking for an artist/editor that makes either episode-like art scenes or realistic human art scenes. Please tell me if you want to help me and do this! I would really appreciate it! <3

I can do some edit type ones if you would like or i could attempt to draw some but im not thw best with drawing backgrounds. But here are some screenshots of my art from my instagram (i dont have them at hand sorry) and i can make a scenery edit tomorrow (my ipad is dead right now) as an example x

But can you draw the characters looking a little bit like episode? :confused:
I really like your edits, I just want to know if they can be a little bit alike the characters of episode…

I really like your edits, I just don’t think It’s really what I am looking for…
I’m sorry :frowning:

Okay so I’m still learning, my most recent one is my best and I haven’t added it because I haven’t finished the face. I’m happy to try if you like. No worries though if you’re not interested :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like these!! <3

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Aw thx! I’ve only recently started learning this stuff so I’m still unhappy with how things look if that makes sense aha! I’m always looking for experience tho to try and improve. Someone currently asked me to make them a cover and someone else lent me their characters to improve but I can certainly do your scene if you like. I find art scenes are always fun to do aha

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Ive never actually tried but ive wanted to. I could attempt tomorrow and show you if i think theyre any good

Your drawings are great :blush: keep practicing and with time theyll be even better. Yeah they may not be the best but keep practicing and someday they may be among the best. Dont get upset if people dont like yoir work just practice and experiment with other styles. Im assuming youre self taught like myself. Honestly 2 and a half years ago my drawings looked a lot like yours (not being rude aha, they will soon show progress) and now theyre better and im happy with a lot of my work. And your handwriting is amazing! :heart_eyes: when i was about 10 i would trace people from tv and it helped

Its ok. You can message me anytime. And dont let others rudeness affect you, keep doing what you love

Its ok :blush: