Any Good Apps For Drawing Art Scenes?

So for my story, I’m trying to make an art scene except I don’t really know any good websites or apps to use for drawing. Does anyone have any recommendations? I know a lot of people use procreate but I don’t have an iPad. Please feel free to recommend any good drawing websites or apps that you know. :slight_smile:

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I use clip studio paint, its $50 for the Pro version but $219 for the ones that come with the most features.
I also used to use this free one named Krita which i recommend for beginners or people who is starting in art. Although it doesn’t have the best quality brushes and freezes sometimes.
Another drawing program that is really popular and amazing is Paint tool sai which is also $50.
And you can use photoshop but they now have a monthly subscription now which is $20 a month. However, I feel like its a waste of money since there are other art programs with the same quality that you can just pay for once.

P.s There is also a month free trail for clip studio paint, and paint too sai. so you can try out and see if you like it.

Thank you so much for your help! I’m kind of a beginner so I’ll definitely try out Krita and see how it is.

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You welcome! If you need some help trying to work krita feel free to ask me, although i haven’t used it in quite a while there are still some things I remember about it

You could try Ibis paint x or pro create, I think they’re both pretty good

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Any apps work really, it also depends on the artist and their workflow. I use procreate since it’s a pretty simple app that has a lot of tools. I also recommend probably clip studio paint (though it’s a bit more on the pricey side) along with paint tool sai (which I’m personally not a fan of since the brush sizes don’t get big enough for my taste, but their blending brushes are amazing). Photoshop is an option but it’s a pay forever kind of app, personally not a fan (and you’ll be charged if you try to cancel it so I hate it with all my heart).

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Thank you I’ll try some of those!

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Yes what was photoshop thinking!

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I use either painter but I’ve recently started using pxlir.

I recommend Procreate 100%, there’s no subscription required, however it is money, it’s rlly good tho.

Right. The tools aren’t worth the price in my opinion unless you’re like a professional or you want a certain feature. It wanted me to pay $82 to cancel it lmfao.

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Is procreate only on ipads?

Welllll I used it on my phone for a bit… but now yes, I use an iPad Pro for it. It just means u can download more brushes & have a better quality canvas, it’s still possible on the phone tho :two_hearts:

Oh okay thank you!

I have IbisPaint X on my tablet and it’s great, plus it’s free :wink: