Any good artist?

heyy so i am looking for an artist to make a cover for my story surprisingly different and i want an artist like this image
so if anyone can make something like this pls pm me or ans here :blush:
And yeah make sure to read sorceress heart it is really good

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I probably can! :blue_heart:
My examples:


ohh wow these are really good

Thanks! :blue_heart:

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umm how much time will it take to make it??

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It depends on what you want, the most recent one I did, the Lioness cover I did in a day but it would probably be a week maximum if it’s more than one character :blue_heart:

ohh okay

well i want something in fantasy like shown above it is LL and yeah i want a single character in it

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Could you send me a pose you would like and a picture of your character please? :blue_heart: It will be easier to know how long it will take once I know some more details

ohh okay

actually the skin tone is neutral 1

Ok! What pose would you like? :blue_heart:

umm actualy i dont know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

hey can u make something like she is doing some sort of magic like shown above??

Probably, I’ll send you a few sketches to see if thats’s what you would like :blue_heart:

ohh okay

Hey wanted to ask if you could do an art cover for me .
Is custom pose for the character possible?
And should I pay for the art cover?
If interested I will send the details.

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I’m looking to expand my portfolio, so I’m happy to help too. For free of course.

Here are examples of my work, if you’re interested:


I can help you out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi :blue_heart: , I can do any pose you like. Just send me a reference photo to check. :blue_heart: My art is free