Any Good Dining Table Bacgrounds?

Does anyone have good interiors for a dining table up close? The episode interactive backgrounds dont have the one i need…

Do you have an example I can make one.
Here are my past examples

I dont have an example but i can give you a detailed description.

I just need the table it needs to be a long, brown table with six chairs. three on each side.
if possible and not too hard it will need to match the same precision as the image below. I also need a close up of the chairs.
Example; The same table zoomed in on three of the chairs.

If you could do this it would be great help!pum

Okay when do you need this?

As soon as you finish it could you send it in please. No rush.

I can have it by Friday

Okay! That would be fine. Thanks

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News flash I can have done at 7 today

What do you think of this

PERFECT!!! Thanks