Any good fantasy/adventure stories?


I’m looking for some new stories and I’ve recently gotten into the fantasy/adventure type story like eclipsis by Victoria Masina. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of good fantasy stories (pleeeease no werewolf/vampire as I’m extremely sick of those)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Birds Of Passage - forgot the author, but someone can tell me down below if they know!

Dripping Mascara - Genevieve Marshall

Those two were very good, while Birds of Passage is in Ink while Dripping Mascara is in classic. My favorite of course has to be Dripping Mascara, since it also includes some drama and many cliffhangers with plot twists! :heart:


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Maybe you might like my story, it was recently featured by Episode: Everly After by Anya Reinhardt.


The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow

Four Kingdoms by PL.episode

Both are amazing :heart_eyes:


I have a fantasy story:


•Title: Human?
•# of episodes : 12
•Genre: fantasy
•Style: ink
•Author: shantastic1999
•Description: An evil potion, magical beings, murder, and new enemies. That’s so NOT what Luciana signed up for when she slid into a bar.



The Ruby Tiara
Dripping Mascara
Most Joseph Evans story (The Phoenix Prophecy, The Ember Effect, Soulbound, The Secret Of Rain)


Mine is also adventure , and no it’s no on werewolf and vampires
Here is this —>
Title —> Choose!!!
Author —>@ya
No.of episode —> 3(complete)
Description —> you always wanted a chance!! Ting-ding!!! You get one , but will you succeed or face defeat???


Hiya! I write fantasy… maybe you’ll like my story? :slight_smile:



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