Any good, free, friendly art scene artists?


I’m looking for an artist/editor that can be my personal story artist that makes either episode-like art scenes or realistic human art scenes for my story. Reply to this if you want to help, and have the time,n,ability to do this for/with me! I would really appreciate it! And if you can’t do this for more than one story than i’m looking for two artists. All the art needs full shading so if you do not do shading or anything similar then sorry you’re not what i’m looking for. <3


Yep episode dreams. @ChayChay @nattygomez @calico.episode


I was tagged!! :grin:


Hiii! Is what I asked for in the post anything that you can do? If so would you be willing to? (if u can, could i see an example of one?) <33


I can can





I will send you my examples… one moment…


thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


got any examples? :3


Here’s some examples

43ac409c75d9b3d5cc4a675c441dfaead2e1ab08_1_281x500 7fd6db0f5dffa14ca8c31bee6fc9fdfdda28c3a6_1_563x500


No problem…


IMG_9035 IMG_6458 IMG_9170


Holy crap, wow. :heart_eyes:


Ooooo pretty too. :kissing_heart:


There’s more




These are ones that I have personally done… I have gotten better but I haven’t done any in a little while. I’m just getting back to my art


do u have any of theirs?


Ooo cool!


if u still need one, I’m up


Nope it’s on my tablet