Any good, free, friendly art scene artists?


i love this


I need someone to make a cover from my story too. but i don’t know who


I do covers… would you like to see my examples? I only put one cover example here


Yes please.





I like the one that says "brothers best friend’’ but my story it’s going to be about a girl who have feelings for a married man who happened to be her ( in the past he was her teacher) but then she met another guy at the beach. but the guy she met at the beach has gf


Can I see pictures and do you want large and small that way me @ChayChay can work together and it he fair


so i don’t have the pictures yet bc i am not done. but the girl is cooper 07 and the guy is neutral 02. both of the guys.


@MadisonW can you pm me? I cant seem to figure it out…


I tried to PM you says your not accepting any.


Anyone still doing art scenes? If so can you make on for me


I’ll pm u?


yes please


Oh my god these are drop dead gorgues


@Sydney_H please can you close this topic? :blush:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: