Any good ink stories?

i usually like mafia / bad boy stories but im not a fan of the characters falling in love after like 3 episodes and 2 love interest max
CC is preferred but its ok if there isn’t any (No LL please)


Psychology 101 by Annie Edison


Challenge Accepted by Annie Edison :smile:
Infamous Topdogs by Alexandria :smile:
The Three Little Wolves by MidnightMaiden :smile:

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The Fundamentals of Heartache by Sofia Ceri

I kinda wanna recomand mine. but thinking about it I dont think its was your looking for

Obviously You by Nixx
Beyond Repair by Epi.MarieK
Remember Me by @mila.episodes
Trouble Twins by @MayLaugh
All That Remains by me :blush:

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  • Elementals by @Abimations4
  • Your Silhouette by Anby
  • Abstract Bones by Laur
  • Cool Fools by Tina
  • Sensuous by Akanksha & Miss Klee
  • Seven Roses by Chloe X
  • Tidal Wave by Chloe X
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There’s Sunflower by Janine
Have you seen Monday by Ruby L Lee
And my own story " And the Winner is" :heart:

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Thank you so much love :heartpulse:

I can only agree with her!
All that remains by @writerren
Wherever I go by @Alisha.Sophie
The Raven by
And Trouble Twins by me :hugs:



Loco Amor (ora)
War Dogs (kayla sloans)
Ruthless Leader (t. sofia)
Assassins of Blackwood (dana violet)

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  • Made of Glass by Maiden Ally Jim
  • Porcelain by Rahatul
  • Fragile Bonds by HumanBean
  • Invisible by episodebyjane
  • Hidden by Aria
  • Strange Fruit by Kay Elle
  • Cupid’s Chokehold by Elle S.
  • Cupid’s Chokehold: Bachelorette Edition by Elle S.
  • Hero Almighty by Ruby I.
  • The Curse of Charlie by Sarah Kieser
  • WENTWORTH by writer.LB
  • Faking Death by S. Langdon

Thank you darling for the tag :black_heart:


All That Remains by @writerren fits perfectly with what you’re looking for.

I also suggest:

Trouble in Princess Paradise by @Rosina.V

Just Between Us by Amanda Traver

Teenage Vigilante by Lexi Mae

Everything You Are by Julia E.

And my story, Remember Me, if you’re interested. :blush:


thank you for all the suggestions ! I’ll try them out

Hunting bad it’s in LL and INK is really good

My recommendations:

@samantha_episode_1 A heartbreak century

I would also like to recommend mine as well
She knows best

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thank you! :blob_hearts: :relaxed:

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Your welcome :heart:

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You’re the sweetest :cake: :two_hearts: thank you

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I’d recommend Wild by Alex Light
I have a story called Relentless. :slight_smile: