Any good LimeLight reads?



Hello :smile:

So I’ve actually had the chance to read some pretty good limelight stories but lately whenever I read one for the first time although the synopsis sounds promising, when I get to read it, it’s filled with bad grammar, the directing is all over the place or the sentences and dialogue just sound… VERY awkward.

I would appreciate it if anyone could recommend me good reads WITH equally good grammar. Down below I’ll post my favourites ☆

-Rich Man Poor Woman
-Galactic Game
-The Lawyer and Me
-Broke AF
-With or Without You
-Treasure Hunt
-H & V: Bad Apple
-Becoming Queen Bee
-Bisexual Bachelor(ette)
-Dirty Little Secrets
-He Can’t Tame Me
-The Dragon Bride
-Golden Girl


I have recently been reading some good Limelight stories

  • The teacher (Limelight)
  • Provocative
  • Divided
  • Jealousy in High Heels
  • Your shadow
  • Rosehaven
  • Wentworth
  • BroZoned
  • Anxiety & Lies


Wow thanks for replying and so fast! I’l make sure to check them out


Ok happy I could help.


The Game of Death
The Kindest Man Alive
Glitch Girl
Beyond the Stage (Limelight)


I’ve got a few more unknown ones, so there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have come across them:

  • Welcome to the Amazon Jungle by XxAlphaBetaxX

  • Scandalous by Mina

  • One of the Girls by me Amberose

  • It’s a boy-girl thing by Fmr

  • The Love Scam by Layla Vex

  • Regnum Fortes by TheBigMystery


Thank you! Didn’t know ‘Glitch Girl’ was Limelight :o


Thanks! I haven’t heard of them before except “The Love Scam” but they all sound interesting especially “Welcome To the Amazon Jungle” and “One of the Girls”. Having a boy as the MC is very refreshing.


I didn’t read through everyone else so don’t know if these are here yet but here you go! :slight_smile:
1.I Married A MIllionaire
2.Public Relations
3.Read My Lips
4.Forever yours


Aha, awesome! Glad I could get you interested in my own story some fantastic LL stories!


I haven’t read a lot of LL But some of these I may check out!


and it’s by Joseph Evans so it won’t disappoint :wink:


Thanks! And I know I can’t judge a book by its synopsis and cover but I hope “Read My Lips” doesn’t disappoint with the grammar at least.


Its really good! She has it in INK and LL and I started it in INK but ended up not finishing it because I lost it in my top story’s some how but want back and read it in LL and its great!


That’s good to hear, thanks ^^


The Definition Of Happiness
Mental Surprises (Limelight)
Pain Into Blessings (Limelight)


Forever Yours by Kylie
Follow Me by Clarkie
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt by LillyS
Moments by Sarah Robbins
12 Nights by Ameerah cough me cough
Reputation by Mira Mira
The Revival by Toriah


Midnight Memories!!!