Any good limelight story with the option to play as male mc?


Counting Sheep by @piccalilly
It’s comedy with some romance and mystery elements. You can choose to play as male/female. Very recommended, Piccalilly’s a good writer

One of The Girls by @amberose
Again, romance comedy, mostly comedy. But it’s really cute! You’ll play as Jesse who (un) fortunately have to sleep in girls dorm lol

The Switch by @Alusza
It’s also a comedy ahahahah but her writing is so good. About a guy who got cursed and became a girl, I love it :rofl:

Allergic to You by @Suelita
You can play as female/male. Well it’s also a romance comedy (prolly know my taste already), it’s about you who are allergic to the LI.

Soulless by @TLdax913
I’ve only read the first two chapters but I think I like it. It’s more of a fantasy romance since you’re playing as a cursed vampire. Waiting for more chapters to come tho.

The Elf’s King Quest by @sophookles
You can choose to play as a female or male with female or male love interests. It’s fantasy and Sophie writes a really good fantasy (thanks for everyone who recommended me her stories before lol)

Seduction 101 by @CourtneyBre
You play as a male character who always got friendzoned. It’s completed but I’ve only read few chapters. It’s funny tho, I recommend it :+1:

That’s what I remember liking so far ehehehe might add if I remember any

Edit : oops, I didn’t read you were looking for fantasy sorry :sob: but The Elf’s King Quest probably fit your search the most


it’s okay!i’m searching all genre now so all of those are a great help for me,thank you :blush:


Thank you for sharing! :relaxed:

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Thank you for the mention :blush:

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Title: Clue: Red Eyed Cat
Author: RachelleFaucet (IG: @the_rachelle_faucet)
Genre: Mystery
Synopsis: Parson Gold, a lonely private eye, made it his mission to discover the truth behind the red eyed cat and the string of murders that follows it.

It’s complete and has a male aro MC

Also, this one kinda counts since there are technically 5 main characters. Even though the first ep starts with following one of the female MCs, I like to think of each character as the main.

Title: Mission Become
Author: RachelleFaucet (IG: @the_rachelle_faucet)
Genre: Adventure
Synopsis: U-Corp is taking over the galaxy, and no one seems to care. That is except for one grumpy old man and his crew of oddball misfits.

There’s two male MCs, two female MCs, and one non-binary MC. And of course they’re all LGBT+ besides my one token straight character.
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Oh, hold on. I straight up forgot my other story.

Title: Some Monsters Are Okay
Author: RachelleFaucet (IG: @the_rachelle_faucet)
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: You never believed in monsters… until you fell in love with one.

You can pick she/her, he/his, or they/their pronouns!

I do have another story with a male MC, but it’s currently being revamped.

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Also, Some Monsters Are Okay is not limelight, it’s a visual novel with my own personal artwork.

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Here’s my story if anyone would like to give it a read. DM me if you want to do R4R :blush:
Title: Her Alpha, His Omega
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 13 (ongoing)
Description: Ellis is set to become Alpha on his twenty-first birthday IF he can find himself a suitable wife, but what happens when he falls for an Omega from a rival pack?

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Try Draculicious by me, but it has two POVs. You won’t be disappointed!

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The Red Curtain by @Grottino.


There’s two amazing LGBT stories where you can:

The Red Curtain - @Grottino
Queer: Blended - @Matilda_the_lovely



Soulless by tldax is a male vampire story who is cursed with soulless magic.
The power of music by adyelly and episode.honeyy has the option. Also fantasy about a world that has lost its music.
My story, queer: blended has the option for a male MC, who opens up about his sexuality to his wife, children, etc. It’s a drama. No fantasy. Definitely a drama :joy:

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The Red Curtain by @Grottino