Any good limelight story with the option to play as male mc?

Oh, hold on. I straight up forgot my other story.

Title: Some Monsters Are Okay
Author: RachelleFaucet (IG: @the_rachelle_faucet)
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: You never believed in monsters… until you fell in love with one.

You can pick she/her, he/his, or they/their pronouns!

I do have another story with a male MC, but it’s currently being revamped.

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Also, Some Monsters Are Okay is not limelight, it’s a visual novel with my own personal artwork.

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Here’s my story if anyone would like to give it a read. DM me if you want to do R4R :blush:
Title: Her Alpha, His Omega
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 13 (ongoing)
Description: Ellis is set to become Alpha on his twenty-first birthday IF he can find himself a suitable wife, but what happens when he falls for an Omega from a rival pack?

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Try Draculicious by me, but it has two POVs. You won’t be disappointed!

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The Red Curtain by @Grottino.


There’s two amazing LGBT stories where you can:

The Red Curtain - @Grottino
Queer: Blended - @Matilda_the_lovely



Soulless by tldax is a male vampire story who is cursed with soulless magic.
The power of music by adyelly and episode.honeyy has the option. Also fantasy about a world that has lost its music.
My story, queer: blended has the option for a male MC, who opens up about his sexuality to his wife, children, etc. It’s a drama. No fantasy. Definitely a drama :joy:

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The Red Curtain by @Grottino


Ty for mentioning my story :laughing:

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The life of a toddler is a good one. It’s a comedy though.

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In the fantasy story I’m writing for the Squad contest there will be the option to play with a male character - I could let you know when it will be out :eyes:

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omg yes,pls let me know i’d read A.S.A.P.

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I hope you’ll like it

Title: You’re Mine

Author: Aoi

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Chapters: 14 (Ongoing)

Description: You’re a half demon with heterochromia ran away from home but when a soon to be Christian girl crosses your path, will you two get along (CC) (LL) (Male) customize MC in chapter 5

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