Any good Mermaid stories?

Does anyone know any good mermaid stories?

Preferably one with good directing and an overall good storyline.

Also, please refrain from using this thread to promote your own story. I’m looking for suggestions.

What I’m looking for
Good directing
Good storyline
Not cheesy
Hidden gems accepted.

Any post that’s self promotion or spam will be flagged.

Thank you guys!

Beneath The Surface.

Not sure if tht story has hidden gems, but it is really good.


Have you tried reading “Beneath the surface” by @Langdon ? :blush:


Thank you :blush: I’ll check it out!


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aahhahahahaha JINKS!

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Jinks! :joy::grin:

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I guess I’ll definitley read the story :joy: it must be good then


Its a good think u tagged the authors name cause i was like…by who by who by who…lol

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You should. Im not gonna spoil though, really good, funny, and romantic. lol


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