Any good musician/rockstar stories? ♥

I’m currently writing a story about a musician/“rockstar”, but I want to read as many others as I can to avoid making mine similar! The last thing I want is to copy someone or use a plot/idea that’s been overused to death lol. If you have any suggestions, thank you!! :slight_smile:


Rockstar Next Door from Regina
Rockstar Roommate from Anastasia S
Pregnant By A Rockstar from Sarah Anne & Chloe Sarah

“Rising Star” By: Cher

Famous New Girl by Alexandria :revolving_hearts:

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Check out my story!

Story Name: A Song For You

Author: Mia Rose

Story Bio: An aspiring musician struggling to make it in Nashville finds unexpected inspiration in a famous but mysterious singer…and falls in love. CC, Limelight

Genre: Romance

Chapters: 11, with more coming soon!


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Rebounding with Storm

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