Any good stories on Episode?

Are there any good episode stories to read? If so, please comment them! Thank you! Xoxo


Well, I can say that the best stories are the featured. But try:
It starts with a bra, Baby Project
-I didn’t read so much :grin: but I guess all are amazing! :wink:

I actually think that a lot of the stories in the featured are not good, but these are just opinions.


Everyone with his opinions :wink:

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There are so many great stories💜 What are you looking for? Drama, thriller, romance etc.?

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Silent Voice is a story about a teen who is autistic and cannot talk, she fears that she will not ever work because of that.
Then there is Porcelain, which is a Mystery about an old man who kidnaps people from their life and puts them in this old house, where he looks at them living in that house, following his will or facing death. He literally just use them as living dolls.
Dirty Little Secret is a more recent story, romance, about this girl who is forced to attend a boarding school by her mother, since she never cared about her daughter. The girl wants to leave the school and find out the truth about her father, but the only way to do that is to trick three strangers, very important people, into trusting her and gaining information about them.
Let’s Play Pretend A story about a girl who just wakes up from a coma with amnesia. Two people, man and woman, claim to be her parents, but something she can’t quite figure out is off.

I’ll shut up for now, I don’t want to bother too much with my rambling-


I do not like a lot of the featured stories, but I have a few favorites of the featured stories and I know a bunch of great stories that aren’t featured. Since, I don’t want to write all of them and bother everyone else, do you want to know good featured, ink, or limelight stories?

Ink, i love the INK stories

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i dont really like featured stories

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Soulbound is one of my absolute favorites!

The bio to the story:
“As a spellcaster at Corvus Academy, can you make your crush fall in love with you in time for the soulbounding ceremony?”

It has multiple endings and it’s replay worthy!

(By Joseph Evans)

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me neither, and okay!

Hey Everyone!

I have just published my first story woohoo!

‘A Brush with Love’ is a story about Sophie, a make-up artist from the UK who moves to LA after landing a job working on a tv show. A change of plan on her first day catapults her into the life of Ben Holden, one of the actors on the show.

I’ve worked really hard to try and get this to a standard that I would be happy to read. I’ve timed my episodes to be between 10-15 minutes each (depending on how fast you tap) to make using a pass worthwhile.

I feel my story is quite fresh and devoid of most clichés. My characters average in their mid-twenties. There are no gangs, no bad boys, no unexpected teen pregnancies. There will of course be drama, but not the kind where someone is shot or run over by a car. This is primarily a romance, but I love reading stories that make me laugh out loud so I have tried to incorporate comedy too.

Oh and another thing, I don’t want to spoil the story but Ben WILL be the love interest. I won’t make you fall in love with him and then introduce someone else and make you decide.

So if you want a story that will make you laugh, maybe make you cry, that is a feel-good story simply about two people falling in love, then please give ‘A Brush with Love’ a go!

I would LOVE to know what you think!

Thank you in advance.

Instagram @sg_episode

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Your secret admirer, Rune, Happenstance, Iridescent, Falling for sin, Hearts reunited, Novocaine, Songbird, Sanity, Moonflower, Pregnant by a nerd (not as cliche as it sounds!), Shadowbirds, Angels of bliss, 14 Months, Maybe someday, Santa’s naughty list, Love, Reece, X, Haunted: Gastly grasp, Fantastical: The lost legacy, City of tragedy

Please keep them coming.

Although it’s featured I really like Glitch Girl. :wink:

Uhm… I’d say BroZoned because I’ve never seen a story with a plot like that (A girl fakes to be a boy to join her favorite band, which is in need for a new member since the last one had to leave because of his pregnant girlfriend. While she’s with the band, she discovers that there is a lot more going on.)
(I mean, the “Bad boy” is actually a cinnamon roll.)
It is funny to read and takes place in Hawaii, literally every character in that story isn’t straight. The only bad part is that there aren’t a lot of choices for the first chapters. If you want an LGBT romance I suggest that.
And I also kind of like The baby project? I’m still at the first chapters, I can’t really give my opinion
I didn’t read a lot of Love & Dance, but what I’ve read until know seems nice. (Basically, you are a girl whose parents never cared about you. At the first occasion you take a fly away from home into the dance squad for your favorite sport team.)

You are awesome. Sounds interesting. I’m looking it up now. Thanks

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