Any group I can join


Is there any art group I can join


You could join Episode Royalty. But what would you like to join as then I can decide? :crown:


I just want to make art


Cool. If you PM me some of your examples, I can decide. But feel free to wait for others to reply and ask you to join their groups. :grin:


I don’t have any examples i lost them all.


Oh, okay. Well, please fill this form out please:

Let me know once you’ve filled it out and I’ll PM you with whether you’re accepted or not! :wink:


You could join episode love


done and sure @Helpieme


Ok I’ll add you to the chat


Hello @Wonderwoman1! This is Sydney_H the moderator! Take a moment to check out our Forum Tutorial which shows where to correctly create topics. I’ve already moved this one from Finding a Writing Partner to Art Resources since we’re discussing art-related topics.

Thanks and have a good day! :sunglasses:


you can join mine i would love more members
join my group plz