Any Hawaiians here that can help me?

Hello! My family is planning a trip to Hawaii and I was wondering if there’s some cool lesser known attractions or destinations on the big island. We are all over 21 so more adult spots would be amazing.

We would like to experience Hawaiian culture in some way, also.

Suggestions on destinations and activities?

I went to Hawaii this summer but I went to the island Oahu, not the Big Island. However I asked people what they like to do and I did a few fun things myself so you might want to look at:

Catamaran cruise or “booze cruise”. Me and my friend went on this there were maybe 15 people there plus the crew? It’s like a little boat that goes out on the water and serve drinks, play music, flirt lol, the one we went on took us to see a fireworks show from the hotel, it was great.

Snorkeling - I can barely swim and I had an awesome time, I saw like 10 sea turtles. They go over all safety stuff and served alcohol here too.

I would recommend going on these “one activity” boats. My friend wanted at first to buy tickets to a boat that did “everything”, drinking, snorkeling, water slide, whale watching and it looked so bad because it was crowded with 50+ people and very rushed to fit in all activities. I’m so glad we didn’t do this. Go with a smaller crew that gives attention to one event.

But BE EARLY because it was really hard for us to find our boat at the docks, we didn’t understand how they park (?) them so we walked around the whole dock twice before we found it.

Hiking and stargazing is also good if you like nature because something about the mountains in Hawaii means it’s closer to the stars?? Lol idk what that means exactly but a native Hawaiian told me that and said that’s why they build observatories in Hawaii’. There will be rainbows everywhere.

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