Any help with this is appreciated!


I know this may seem silly but I’m struggling at the moment with getting other characters to use the main characters “chosen” name.

It doesn’t result in the chosen name when actually previewed but the the chat shows up exactly as in the script

I really appreciate any help with this.


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You need to let the reader choose the name with this code

Avatar - Name Input {

So... what's your name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(FIRSTNAME)

if (FIRSTNAME is “”) {

You do need a name...

goto first_name_input

} else {


If you preview it and skip the part where you write the name, it will not show up even if you did it before

Ahh, it does work! So silly, thanks for your help @EtherealWitch AND @Nick!


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