Any Hidden Talents?


Heya guys and gals. Any one on the forums want to share their hidden talents? :laughing:


there r many


ik but I want to know know, im curious :joy:


I can juggle, but with no more than 3 balls


So awesome!


I can spin a book on my finger and vibrate my eyes


I can write with both of my hands. I hope that counts as a talent…


That’s legit lmao, I’m trying to practice vibrating my eyes :joy:


Definitely does, not many people can do that!!


I annoy people pretty easily


That’s-psssh-that’s a talent :joy: something I’m good at too. Twinzies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sleeping more than 12 hours straight counts as a talent? :thinking: :joy:


straight-up talent ma girl :joy_cat:


I’m late but I just noticed this thread. Since it isn’t closed yet:
I’m not sure if this is a talent, but I read a 900 page-ish book in 4 hours. The font’s 12 (I think) , so it’s isn’t really small, but…
I can’t do anything else. :rofl:


I’m sure no one cares, but I’ve been told I’m good at impressions.


Holy damn! That’s talent. I’ve been stuck on a 300 page book for 3 months now :rofl:


Yesss, that’s definitely a talent haha! Impressions are awesome!!


Well I have many hidden talents …but one of my fav is …I can sleep whole day LOL…:joy::rofl:


If my head (including my nose) is directly on a pillow, I can use the air coming from my nose to make it sound like I’m laughing. It might seem really weird, but I can laugh through my nose! (Like a high pitched giggle)


That’s actually awesome :joy:!!!