Any Hospital Backgrounds

Do you guys know anybody who has hospital backgrounds except for an amepisode and catthegirl.episode? Preferably hospital rooms, waiting rooms, Offices, meeting rooms & more!!


@Marysol.Episode has some in here thread
Plz make sure to follow her rules for use of her wonderful ol’s and bg’s

Also @/FlowerGriefer has some great bg’s and ol’s too just make sure to follow her rules too .

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I would love to make those backgrounds for you!

Do I have to pay? Cause if so I’m broke!

well I could make one background for you for free! if you wanna request more you’ll have to pay :slight_smile:

Check Joseph recently uploaded a lot of new hospital bg!

Okay, Could you make the background similar to this? I specifically need one like this!

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Did you see this message?

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sorry I was asleep but yeah lemme take a look at it

I’ll try

Episode Life the website has a lot of hospital backgrounds!