Any idea on how to start a Zombie story, what you would like to see

Any idea on how to start a zombie story :blush:, all opinions will be considered.


Start with MC lost somewhere …and she got to find out who she is ,and what happened to her,or find living humans escaping from zombies …like a survival story…


Sounds really nice :blush:


hi! maybe you can take a look at this article, it might help, Ten Different Ways to Start a Zombie Apocalypse Story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

10 ways to start a zombie story :exploding_head: :

  1. The story begins 100 years after a zombie apocalypse when people live in small clans within walled cities.

  2. The story starts two days before New Year’s Eve. The reader knows a rogue group plans to release a zombie-like virus in Times Square during the big celebration. Let the countdown begin…

  3. The story starts with dozens of zombies locked in a secure research facility, undergoing experimentation. A computer malfunction causes the locks to fail.

  4. The story starts with a protagonist surviving a zombie attack. As it turns out, she is immune to the contagion due to a rare condition. Suddenly, she becomes the most valuable human on the planet.

  5. The story begins with a zombie outbreak during the president’s State of the Union address. The White House goes into lockdown. But it’s too late. The enemy is inside the building.

  6. The story starts with five high school students serving after-school detention. A “disturbance” is reported nearby, and the school goes into lockdown. The students think it’s an active shooter scenario. But it’s something much worse.

  7. The story begins with a sci-fi horror angle. A man travels back through time to stop the plague from happening. Little does he know someone else is time-traveling to make sure it does happen.

  8. The story starts in the late 16th Century, when a group of English settlers arrives on Roanoke Island, off the coast of what is now North Carolina. We find out what really happened to the lost colony.

  9. The story begins with a reality TV host attending a Haitian voodoo ritual meant to awaken the dead. He plans to debunk the ritual as a bunch of hollow mysticism until it works…

  10. A cruise ship plies the deep, dark waters of the North Atlantic, traveling from England to America. The same route the Titanic followed. But this ship has bigger problems than icebergs. Several of the passengers have fallen ill with a mysterious contagion…


Wow these are lovely ideas❤️ Thanks so much

no problem babe! have a good day! :brown_heart:

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