Any Ideas for an Episode Hollywood/Celeb Story?

For anyone who may be living under a rock, Hollywood is the current name for the most recent (maybe most marketable?) Episode Official and Featured stories, although not necessary ALL their featured stories - i.e. not including old stories such as Rich Girl Camp and Catfish, as well as other matrices I’m not sure of. Along with author features and bad boy content, it is also where their TV show/movie-based and real life celebrity Episodes get categorised into after Mean Girls and Demi Lovato were completed.

If anyone had been to a previous thread I’ve made about Cameron Dallas’ story, tl;dr specifically the Celeb stories (that I’ve read so far) were generally generic, save for Dallas’ story though. Maybe I am not in the young tech-savvy demographic, but some of the featured Celebs are just not people I’ve heard of nor wanted to care about. The Demi trilogy sure because other than liking the singer, it was part of the first official stories using INK not to mention Mean Girls and PLL, but the others not as invested into. You know those occasional surveys Episode brings up to ask for who you like to see, I usually don’t know 3/4ths of those people or shows beyond names.

The question I like to pose to you lot is this: If you can choose a celebrity or pop icon to be the next Episode Featured celeb, who do you them to be?

EDIT: Additionally, do you have any ideas on potential shows or movies? So far I got Brooklyn Nine Nine (courtesy of @amberose), the Voice, Eurovision or Love Simon (off the top of my head)

Another edit: I have been recently aware of the Episode Original ‘author’ page in light of recent events, and those stories featured also count since they overlap.


I think the problem with following a celebrity or pop icon in a story is that most of them will end up being quite similar. They all do the same things: have fans, do their job, go to parties, etc.

I’d LOVE a story about someone whose name is much more famous than their face in Hollywood like Taika Waititi (director of Thor Ragnarok).

Or, someone who’s not so… generically girly. I mean, can we follow Dwayne The Rock Johnson or Chris Evans or someone?! :smirk:

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Just looked him up, I could dig seeing him in a reality show type thing for some reason.
I would be very interesting to see celebrities in an Episode action story!

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Exactly! The guys absolutely hilarious so if he did a deal with Episode, he would bring some much needed humour :grin:

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Ok, so I tried thinking along the lines of @ShanniiWrites in that just any other famous singer or actor (or youtuber?) will have a similar plot to the other ones they’ve already done …

So now I’m thinking what about Simon Cowell? Imagine a featured story with him! LOL!

Or even imagine them doing a featured story with a girl (or boy) band and the MC could be joining the bank or something? This one seems more likely, but I still think a story about an X-Factor judge would be epic


I agree with you both, hence kinda why I created this thread.

Plus Simon Cowell would be amazing in Episode :thinking:


i’d like to see a celeb like selena Gomez. she’s really sweet

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I’d like to see Tyler Joseph/Josh Dun. Aka Twenty One Pilots

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Heck yeah, more musicians.

Yeah, it’s been a while since Demi. Kinda need more ‘role models’ for the readers.

Okay, okay. Another related question:

What show or movie would you like to see integrated in a Featured story, assuming the same time and effort would be put into it as the previous ones?

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Oh oh oh!!! That’s a good one…


  • For something totally Episode-friendly…
    Wizards of Waverly Place (it would be nice to see a revival of this, even if on a different platform)
  • For my own personal guilty pleasure…
    Gossip Girl (but I could see this getting frustrating just like the episode version of PLL)
  • For something unlike what Episode has ever done…
    A. Crime. Show. - like literally any crime show where there is like a new crime to solve each episode. Kinda like CSI or NCIS or Law and Order, or even Brooklyn 99 to make it a little more funny instead of too serious.

Yes to all three!

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What about yours? :wink:

Hopefully something not too complicated. Poor unfortunate souls who would get in a high-action or fantasy thing, including me, if it involves a lot of high stake choices.

Probably second Brooklyn 99, maybe a fun, silly story based on something like the Voice or Eurovision. Also kinda leaning towards a story in the Love Simon universe.
Those are the ones at the top of my head

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The Voice or Eurovision would be cool - I imagine they could twist it up like how they did with Bad Boy Bachelor

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I feel like this needs a bump. Episode is no good at making “original” featured stories, so this thread needs more attention. They need to go back to what they did best (ok, that’s debatable, but still) and partner up with some celebs :thinking:


I’m afraid lately that opportunities for shows/movies/celebs to collaborate are far and between

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Ok, ok, a little bit related, but what do you think of the art style/models used for the celebs in question? For some of the boys, they have this weird tendency to look like they are mouth-breathing and it somehow irritates me.

Hi honestly my suggestion to what should be next is possibly a Brendon Urie episode story. Perhaps even like a harry potter movie or episode story with all thecharacter, harry, Ron, draco!

Ps. Just a few suggestions. Can’t blaim a girl for trying.

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