Any ideas for my title and description? recommendations?

English isn’t my first language so someone please help me out. Basically my story is about a girl named Rose, she has been through a lot since she was young. She wasn’t allowed to have any freedom or fun. Now she is all grown up, successful and is enjoying her everyday party life. One day she meets Jaxon and everything starts changing. They both make a deal to be friends with benefits with a few rules. Jaxon was falling in love with her and as realizes that she pushes him away. She feels horrible but still goes back to her old life while Jaxon waits for her. One call in the middle of the night, leads to them spending time with each other again for a while. In the time they spend together Rose falls in love with Jaxon and explains why she pushed him away and opens up to him. They both end up with who they need to be with.

It is romantic and full of drama story. I tried to keep this short! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much in advance and thank you for reading. thank youu :brown_heart:

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Here’re a few title ideas:

Midnight Changes

Orange Roses (Orange as representing color for success or freedom)

You, over (and over) again

Too Close to Love.

Happily ever Loved

Meeting Hope
Meeting Love

One Call

After You

Grown Difference

I wasn’t sure if you wanted it more focused on the romance or her past, so it’s a bit for both.

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OMG, I love these. They are great!! Thank you so much!! :blush:

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Well, I tried to make two-

Description1- At a young age, Rose has been through it all. Believing that love doesn’t exist.
But things start to change when she meets Jaxon. Will he be able to mend her ruptured heart?

Description2- Rose made a deal to be friends with benefits with Jaxon. But Just when she realizes it’s more than that… She pushes him away! Can Jaxon change her mind before it’s too late?


  • Be Mine.
  • Fractured soul.
  • Fix me.
  • Heal my heart.
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I actually love those both description and all the titles. They are all awesome. Thank you so much, this really is very helpful and very nice of you. :smiling_face:

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A Midnight Turn

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That is a good one. Thank you!! :smile:

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Hey, here are some title ideas from my << Story Title Shop >> :

  • See Through You
  • Hello Stranger
  • Break My Heart
  • On My Mind
  • Back To You
  • With All My Heart
  • Louder Than Words
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I have a thread that’s featured on my profile! I can help you there!

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Ooo, thank youu. By the way I love the titles you have in your story title shop.


Alright, tysm!!

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