Any ideas for story?

Hi guys I want to write new story but I donť know what should I write abou. I only know I want Fantasy story…:grin:

If you have any ideas pls text me
Thank you

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I’ll love to help (:

Thank you

So do you have any idea?

A girl who has special gifts, who lives in a very now strict world, corrupted by the elites but one night when she’s out past curfew when she is forced to use her gifts upon an individual whom works for her towns elites when she is then taken by the elites, once her life is about to be cut off by the cruel elites from a foolish mistake she had made she then finds her self in a looping hole of nothing and wakes up in another dimension, one that she has never seen or even heard of. Where She then meets people of her kind, but her kind has an agenda. She is then sent back down to earth, to another part of the world where her and the people that her kind guide her to meet make a plan to break the cycle of corruption going on and finally put an end to it?

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