Any Ideas for Title of Coven Leader?


I’m almost done with all the important details of my story but I just CANNOT think of a name for the witch coven leader! I liked “supreme” (some of you may know this from ahs: coven) but I wanted to be original. I was trying to think of a word that means ultimate power or something along that lines but I can’t find anything that sounds right. Also… if I did use supreme, would I get in trouble for that? Since that’s used in a tv show?


I think the only way you would get in trouble is if your entire storyline / story is similar to AHS: Coven, but other than that, there are many witch coven stories in the world and AHS is certainly not the first.

I would try not to use supreme if you can since it is so similar.

Some of those might get your mind going!


My story is nothinggg like ahs so I’m not worried about that. Thank you for the hell <3. I just found this word, “novaturient” which means desiring/seeking powerful change in ones life, behavior or situation. I could use that and come up with a unique backstory for it. What do you think?


I’ve never heard of that word before but it already sounds fantastical and cool! That sounds great.