Any Ideas On How To Escape Writers Block

So, I have been in Writers Block for the past 5 to 6 months. And I feel like now it’s time I need to do something to get out of Writers Block.

So if anyone has any tips to help me get out of Writers Block, please share them to help this Writer out!
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Btw a tip I have is: Watch a movie in a genre you are interested in or do any other activity that involves a story. To generate ideas.


I find writing a pile of crap does the trick. Like, I just write even if im having writers block, and it ends up bad but when i read back through it, it gives me an idea of what i actually want to write instead, and i go from there.


Usually I get writer’s block when I’m coding something I’m not interested in. I’ve heard that skipping coding that scene and working on a scene you’re interested/excited about (and then coming back to it later) helps a lot.


Ooo Thanks so much for that tip! I think I do that without even realizing it lol! But thanks for bringing it to my mind as a tip! :smiley:

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I get that same thing! Thanks for the tip and I’ll try it out! :hearts:

I’m terrible at giving advice.

But when I’m suffering writer’s block, I just push through it. Just write whatever comes to mind and keep grinding. Usually when I have writer’s block I know what to write, I just don’t have the motivation to write it. Best thing to do is just do it anyway and grind through it. It feels rewarding after you’re done (and you can always go back and fix any mistakes).

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There is a great book that teaches you always to be creative and stop writer’s block.

I consider myself more of an artist who likes to write here and there. They are both creative subjects. You need to have the ability to come up with unique ideas. And since I’ve read this book, I’ve changed in so many good ways!!

Anyway, this book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron is a 12-week course that teaches you not only to get past writer’s block but also to have a continuous creative flow that never stops. It is really, really good!! I highly recommend this to anyone who struggles to keep the creative flow coming.

Pics of the book
Front cover

Back cover


I hope this help.


Yess! I totally agree that is how I am feeling right now. Thank you for your tip! :grin:

Ooo Thank you so much for your tip! And I will definitely check this book out since I also like to get creative with ideas and pitch in ideas from here and there to create a new type of idea!!

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I usually scroll through Pinterest. my taste is impeccable ;>

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Thanks for the tip! I usually don’t go on Pinterest but I’ll start doing that now! :smiley:

it’ll take just a little while for your feed to customise itself to your interests but once it does, the images are just amazing for inspo

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Wow! Thanks for letting me know! :+1:
Tbh if I’m on Pinterest it’s only for hairstyle ideas :joy:

Yeah, that’s usually what I do! I watch a movie or tv show in the same genre as my story to get new ideas. Obviously you don’t want to plagiarize, but it’s a helpful tip :blush:

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Yup! But sometimes I may watch a movie in another one of my favorite genres! :+1:
Also I blurred it b/c I felt it will help the post look format or something idk :joy:

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I listen to music that has the same theme to the scene I’m writing. Mostly without vocals because I don’t wanna write the lyrics instead :joy:
And I find it easier to be frustrated and have the block if you are in a not-so-good mood, for whatever reason. I would recommend to write when you feel like you want to :eyes:

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Yes! I do something similar and I esp play music when coding to prevent frustration if something I am coding is not correct! But I will start playing music in the genre of my story and when on writers block! Thanks for the tip and I can definitely relate! :+1: :grin:

does this book contains tips and tricks or is it more spiritual like do some yoga and imagine some stuff etc?

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As I said before and as it says in the blurb, it is a 12-week course that helps people get rid of the “I’m not good enough to paint/write/sculpt/act/etc.”. It’s so much more than tips and tricks. Julia Cameron (I think) describes it as a spiritual journey to creative recovery. The book describes your artistic side as a child, and if you hurt your artistic child and it never comes out to play, you are stuck. This book teaches you to bring out that child in you. It helps you overcome your doubt, envy, and many other things. It also teaches those who may be enjoyed Writing in school, but their parents forced the belief they wouldn’t make a living out of being a writer, so the person becomes an unhappy lawyer. This book would teach that person to write again.

These are some of my experiences of reading the book:

  • At the beginning of the book, it teaches you to backtrack your life. Cut it up into sections like school, uni, your first job etc., and locate where, when, how and who criticised you for stopping believing you can’t write. When I did this, I realised that I don’t like to boast, and that is because my mum once criticised me for boasting to the point I believe it is not allowed. And I mean at all. Sure, boasting is rude and selfish, but it hit me hard. To get your work out there, you need to “boast” about your work. But realising who, when, how and where, I began to boast a little when I thought it was necessary.
  • The first thing the book teaches you is a ritual called Morning Pages, as mentioned in the blurb. You start this ritual from the moment to wake. It can’t be after you’ve had breakfast or been to the shower. It consists of you writing 3 pages of whatever comes to your mind down in a notebook. By doing this, you’re getting rid of worries that will interfere with your creativity. And this has helped me with my art in more ways than I can count!!
  • The book introduces you to the map of Jealous. Suppose you can draw the map, which means you know how to overcome jealousy. I did this, and I was about to overcome it. The book teaches you to use jealousy as a driving goal.

So to answer your question, it’s not a list of tips and tricks. It digs deep down to your very soul on a Spiritual level and helps you get creatively better.