Any ideas on how to tie a sci-fi theme into the fairytale contest?

I’ve been working on my second story, and it’s kind of like a doctor who fanfic, lol… of course it’s all different and stuff… The MC is a girl who accidentally ends up on a spaceship with a space traveler, and she can’t come back to Earth.

Any idea on how to tie this into a fairytale type of thing? I’m not really sure if I should even enter the contest, I don’t know if my story actually “fits” it…

Also, for the contest, do you absolutely have to have the “FT” in the title? I notice that a lot of previous contest winners didn’t actually have the contest name in the title.

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Well maybe it could be like a space princess

Or a royalty tradition that actually stems from science kinda like the flame from the 100

it has to be based on a fairytale. so you basically already skip a step , the idea it shall be soreced from.

its easy enough to make a fairytail into a space story, but you need to know what fairytail it is


Or like sleeping beauty but instead she’s asleep in a cryopod for 100 years

OMG. There’s a new contest??? Whats the details on it?

And that sounds like a really cool idea. Can you link the story once you’re finished?

That’s what I’m having trouble with, I’m not sure what fairytale this can be based on, or whether I should even consider entering into this contest or not. :sweat_smile:

its been out for a couple of weeks now

I got nothing, this is not really a plot you have shared its a line you add the elements of the story.

Honestly, I suggest you write a brand new story specifically for FT contest if you really want to enter it that badly. I don’t know how I’d incorporate that story specifically into the FT contest unless you find a fairytale that involves being kidnapped or randomly appearing somewhere and not being able to go back home.

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Hey, maybe you could do an interpretation of jack and the bean stalk (I just thought about this idea out of no where so bear with me lol). The girl could be given a magical gem in exchange for the cattle her mother told her to sell and it transports her to another planet, where she is trapped by a there by space alien. She meets the space traveler and have to find a means to get out before the space alien kills them ig.

Idk if it’s a good idea but if you think it is just lemme know :sob:


Well, it needs to based on fairytale or folktale. Try to find one what matches your story

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I might somehow tie this story around “Alice in Wonderland”… as the girl falls through a portal, and ends up in a spaceship… I don’t know yet, though.

Also, must I really have FT in the title? I know previous contest winners didn’t necessarily have the contest name included in there… Kiss and tell, squad, reveal… I see a lot of them without the needed contest title.

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It tells you right in the contest guides, that you do need FT In the title to enter. Once the winners have been out, you can remove the FT part if you want to, that’s why a lot of them don’t have it.

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