Any ideas?!?!? #WritersBlock


Hi! I’m writing a new story… any ideas? :thinking: I have writers block… (Its about a bullied teenage girl who travels to the future.)


When i have a writersblock, i always let go of my story for a few days. It helps to not think about it for a bit and then when i feel my creativity coming back, i start writing again


Thanks! I think I will do that as well!


You’ll be fine, no worries🤗


I find these ways can be quite helpful with writers block (as well as suggested above):

  • Planning your story backwards

  • Writing down anything and everything you may think could be useful to your story plot (that you come across in real life, TV, online e.t.c)

  • Plan out a short story so your mind is completely taken off the one you’re struggling with.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe she meets the bullies then? or there Kids/Grandkids? I have Writer’s Block too… But I do think this could be something that happens


Possibly have her come home from being bullied, and have her sob uncontrollably in front of the mirror, and then have the mirror light up, and have her get sucked through it when she reaches her hand to touch it out of curiosity.


also if you wanna get inspired when you have writers block, just taking a walk around the neighborhood on a nice day can give you some really nice ideas. when you’re alone and have time to think, and you’re at a peaceful place, sometimes the ideas just come flowing