Any improvement suggestions?

So I recently started to do some edits, I’m new to it, so I’m not really sure what looks good and what doesn’t. So any suggestions for me to add to this image?


I would say to try and remove the white lines around the character

Hmm, I tried doing that, it took a lot of time, but I’ll try, thanks for the advice.

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Maybe another background not from episode? It looks a little boring.

I know I struggle with that too, I find it you outline the character before using the magic eraser thing it helps a lot

An easy way to get rid of these annoying outlines would be to create and upload only a background with the ‘Turn up your volume’ message and place your character there with spot directing. I think it’s cool because like this the image goes live as well.

I wanted to show you how it looks like in my story, but I can’t upload a video here, so let’s pretend he is bobbing his head. (Also ignore the text please :smile:)

I thought about that, but I actually edited her arm and something in her hand.

Sorry, I completely overlooked that.

It’s alright.

If you’re using ibispaint, I recommend using magic eraser then, cleaning the white lines with eraser at 2.0 size, it really makes to image better. :slight_smile:

I don’t use ibispaint, but my editor has a magic eraser, so I’ll try this out.

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