Any Indians here?


Hi there.

I am from India.

I am looking for Indian friends (writers, artists, etc.)

Who are Indian episode members!?

@ShanniiWrites :wink: :smirk: I have found your calling…


Hiya! I’m British but my mum is Indian. Nice to meet you! Where are you from in India? My family is from the Gujarat


Hi! :sunglasses:


Hey! I am Indian too! I have always lived Gujarat. Have you ever visited the place?


Heyyy! I am Indian! I actually know many many Indians here. If you wanna talk in Hindi you can even find a thread in my profile. Feel free to PM me anytime! Some Indians I know :


And there are more but I can’t remember any right now lol. :sweat_smile:


I am from Kolkata, West Bengal.


Sadly I’m Malay :sweat_smile:

But I do love listening to Hindi songs esp the legends and the hits :slight_smile:


I’m not the type of Indian you’re refering too but I’m Cherokee and Cheyenne :joy:


Yeah! Porbandar both times :grin:


That’s nice. I haven’t been there even once. I want to go to Gujarat too. But as it happens I can’t. sighs


Wow, really? I have lived mainly in Baguiati and Durgapur.


So where do you live now?


I live in Gurgaon currently. I am finishing my schooling here…


Nice. I checked your profile. I saw that you have written a story on Episode.


Hi! Am from Kolkata…I love episode❤ just wondering if any Indian is here and love episode


@Flora28 is! :grin:


And you!?


I’m American, actually! :blush:


Oh cool! So what do u do beside reading episode ( I mean do u do writing or art) I write stories and try to make some art