Any Interesting conversations to put in my story between my 2 readers when they two just met?

HELP. They both bumped to each other literally and @PAITON spilled a drink on @YOU and now they are talking at the club… I dont know what conversation they should talk about. Can anybody help me please. im bad at this.

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LL or INK? They are angry or pleased? What is YOU personality?

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Make sure their conversation builds for your story. What’s the point of having it if it doesn’t advance anything? How do the characters feel about the incident? That will heavily form the flow of the conversation. Make sure to make their personalities shine through - especially if this is one of the opening scenes of your story!

Make Paiton talk about something and You will react to it.
It may be about:

  • Her Appearance
  • His Personality
  • His Past etc

You can add Point Systems

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