Any Intro help?

Hi there, so i’m currently trying to make my first ever episode story. So far i like what i have done alone, but i really wanted a help to make an intro, so i already have the background i want to use which is the one attached image|281x500
but i’m very insensitive on the logo. Sometimes i don’t like the font, sometimes i don’t like the color, sometimes i don’t like where it’s placed, sometimes when i’ve already decided how and where it’s going to be placed, i look back and end up not liking it so i redo it.
Maybe a second opinion? :sweat_smile:

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I’m happy to help but I can’t seem to see the intro picture. Could you send it as a picture itself and not an attachment or link.

let me see if it works like this

só that was the picture before i resized it, this is after i resized and the second one is how i decided i wanted but ended up changing my mind lol

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It looks really good. I don’t think there’s anything you need to change

The “I love you” part in the cover looks weird though

I’ll try to erase the “i love you” part. i got the image with that but i’ll try to erase it. how do you feel about the colors though? do you think there could be different types and/or better ways for the fonts and colors?

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Nope, I think those are perfect!

Thank you very much <3

Hi, @liv.yoo
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