Any Jewish Writers/Authors?

Hey guys! I’m looking for as many Jewish authors and writers of Episode as possible. If you are one or know one, please comment your/their IG handle (if you/they have one), forum username (if they’re not you) and the story/stories you/they have written!

Thank you! :heart:


I can’t call myself a writer :sweat_smile:, because I haven’t published my story yet (unfortunately :expressionless::expressionless::sweat::sweat:). I really hope that I’ll be able to publish the story as soon as possible. (By the way, are you looking for Jewish authors/writers because there will be a shelf of Jews?)

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I sure hope there will be, that’s what we’re aiming for :blush:
When do you assume your story will be published? :relaxed:

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Can’t really say a specific date :expressionless::sweat:. I think it’ll take me forever :persevere::sob:

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