Any Koreans? I need help

I’m making a Korean story called The Sasaeng Fan, do any Korean users have advice on how to portray the culture correctly?


I’m not Korean, but is the story about a saesang fan


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(my thoughts exactly :rofl:)

Hmm what do you want to know more about specifically? :blush:
Is it about a sasaeng fan? or…lifestyle of a teen? food? traditional rules we follow? etc…
Maybe I could help :]

Just in general, I’m a Kpop stan so I have knowledge on sasaengs, just about food, traditions, etc.

@Pollexi @K-santa

Check this out! :+1: Here I explained a few characteristics of Korean culture along with some food :blush:

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ding ding ding ding CORRECT! It’s a comedy story since the Sasaeng has the lowest IQ ever-At one point she even convinced her “nerdy” friend to make her a time machine so the idol would be the same age as her :joy:

*my kdrama addicted ass watching from the corner *

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lowkey love this, tag me if you publish it :skull:

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