Any latinas on the forum's? lol curiosity hit meh


Haloo hooman’s one more time, le nutt here :peanuts::heart:

So as most of you guy’s know, I’m half latina, half American

/ I was born in the US but I have been living in Colombia ( A bootiful country ) for a while now and my paren’ts are latinos :blush:

The question iss!?? Any latinas, half latinas, small latinas, 1/4 latinas lol out there? I’m curious! haha

COMMENT AND LET’S TALK! :hear_no_evil::heavy_heart_exclamation:

All love
NATTY xoxo :heart::blush:


Haha well I’m 1/2 Puerto Rican and 1/2 Black but a majority of my life I’ve been shown the Hispanic life, if you know what I mean :sweat_smile:


Yayy! so cool!
do you speak spanish?


I speak a little, my mom didn’t exactly raise me speaking spanish so I learned from school.


Pero tu lo entiendes?


My parent are Puerto Rican but I was born in florida.


Wow so cool!!
what languages do you speak or understand?


I speak Spanglish lol half spanish and half english. But if i am with someone who only speak spanish i will speak only spanish and if its someone in english spanglish comes out lol


omg so cool
haha a mi me pasa tambien! lol


spanglish be da bomb lol


Entonce me entiendes


Si te entiendo
aca casi nadie habla español :frowning:
but i still like inglish hehe


Eso si lo vi. Y si lo hablan no lo dicen.


cierto! eh visto pocas personas que hablan español
Es bueno hablar con alguien otro idioma que sabes!


Ohh me! My parents are both Dominican! But we now live in New York


¡Hola! Yo hablo español también.
Soy de Argentina.


Omg cool!
Hablas español!!?


wow que chevere!! y tienes amigos / amigas aca?


Sí yo hablo español


oof im filipino but my mom is pretty sure our ancestors came from spain (haha ik that doesnt really mean anything tho bc it would be a small percentage :sweat_smile: :joy:)