Any limelight editors?

I’m writing an action/drama limelight story. I need a small & large cover (maybe even a intro/outro) :two_hearts::grin:

If you can do it let me know, I’d love to see some examples of your work. (if possible) You’ll be credited on my Instagram & in my story. :blush: You can choose what cover size and/or how many you want to do.

Thanks in advance!

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I can help! Here are some of my limelight examples



We can help also

I can do it as well


If You need a Intro/Out to I can help Or a Splash

You can check our shop: Zombie arts

Zombie Arts - Art Shop: We make free covers, art scenes etc

Hey, I can make realistic art covers if you’d like
Let me know if you need my examples


Can you please close this also, @Sydney_H?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: