Any Liza Koshy Fans In the Community?

I can say that I’ve been a fan of this brown girl for about a year and a half. I think she is a very funny person. Is there anybody else that’s a fan of her?


I love her and I really like her new show liza on demand

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I don’t really like her show because I don’t really understand it.

I don’t like the show but I love Liza

I used to think she was really funny on Vine but now she’s just really irritating and tries too hard.

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Fame has entered her life, and she has changed a lot in my opinion.

I think she’s changed a lot too, I feel like since her show she’s not the same.

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Yea. Fame can change a person.

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I guess i thought she was different :woman_shrugging:

eh she’s fine.

some of her videos are funny, but they’re kinda getting stale & her humor doesn’t really translate in real life.

like she uses a lot of jump cuts & editing in her videos. she also jumps to other characters played by her. she can’t really replicate this in real life or on live Tv so it just doesn’t work.



I do

Love her but i think it is a little annoying that after episode two in her serie it costs money

Yes, and I’m not about to spend my money just to watch her show. I would do it if it was free, but this is Youtube Red we’re talking about. Some people don’t have a source of income to pay for that every month.

I think she Haavet changed ever since the breakup is whispering