Any M/F CC stories you'd like to recommend?

i’m looking for stories to read at the moment!


Here’s mine if you’d like to check it out :grin:

Title: Dirty Rotten Cheerleaders

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

Description: Renee is head cheerleader, prom queen and valedictorian. Rowan is, well, nobody. Rowan wants Renee’s life, and she’s willing to do everything dirty and rotten to get it. Will jealousy turn psychotic?


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Is there a genre in particular you enjoy?

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thanks! i’ll check it out!

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mystery and fantasy mainly

I have a story for you too!
Titel: Under the Stars
Author: Aykay
Episodes: 8 (more coming soon)
Description: one day Jasmine decided to start a new life and move to a big city. But fate isn’t good to her. Her only rare of hope: Ian Veira, a city boy through and through…
Genre: romance

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You might be interested in one of mine. It’s a mystery story and you can choose what gender you play as. Here’s the details:

Title: By The Book
Author: Amberose
Description: You were just a simple librarian who loved mystery stories, until a nudge from your best friend leads you to solving some real life crimes. Do you have what it takes?


sounds intriguing! i’ll check it out as well!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey! I think my story could interest you, as its mainly mystery/drama!
Title: The Prince
Author: Juliet
Description: He (un)consciously torn her family apart, and there’s much more to come. But as fate keeps gathering them, will she eventually be able to get over it ?

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Hey @blue.berry :slight_smile:

You have 2 love interests, you are playing as a (STRONG (!)) female character and you are also playing as the Male MC. The whole story is about family love, cohesion, friendship and also about much trouble. :slight_smile:

My details:
My Story:
Author: May Laugh
Title: Trouble Twins
Instagram: maylaugh_episode
Genre: Adventure [mix between drama, mystery and comedy]
Episodes : 15 (Season 1 Complete)
Style: Ink
Always standing up for each other through thick and thin, that’s what these twins are about. Will they master to face the intrigues, the chaos and mysteries together? Trouble ahead.
Link: [ ]

Small Cover:

Large COVER:

And I can also recommend:

The Raven by
Dark Essence by @TLdax913
Wherever I go by @Alisha.Sophie
All that remains by @writerren
And Bloody Kiss by @Yasmin.D


Dark Essence @TLdax913


Here is my story
Title: Looking for Skylar
Author: AlaLala
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 5 (more coming soon)
Summary: You wake up covered in blood and you can’t remember who you are nor what happened to you. Will you ever remember? (character customization)
Style: Limelight
Link :

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you for starting this thread!
Here is my story info. :slight_smile:

Description: The Dark Essence that lives inside soulmates, Kadi & Dani is threatening to break free. Will they be able to uncover the truth behind its power before it destroys them? (limited CC and two possible endings)
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @tldaxwrites

Story link:


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if you like fantasy than you might like mine, it is keeping among the top 100 in fantasy so I guess it is worth reading. :slight_smile: :

What you can expect from my story?:
This story has an original plot and I believe you will not find a similar story on the episode. It is Mystery combined with fantasy. also, you will find a bit of a romance and humor in our story. :smiley:

You will fallow Marbel, who one day finds by accident necklace hidden in a book. More surprising is that the book is dedicated to somebody with the same name as her. And what it all has to do with a thousand years old mystery of fallen angels? Find out before it is too late!

We use mostly custom backgrounds and overlays and advanced directing to bring you the best experience from the story.

Title: Secret of the Necklace
Author: Farah DeSantis & Grace
Genre: Fantasy, (+Romance, +Comedy, + Mystery )
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 25 (To be continued…)
Instagram: @miss_desantis_

CC, Custom Choices, Point System, Mini-Games, Advanced Directing, Using of overlays

You can try mine too

Story Description
Luca had the best life that everyone can dream about but all that changed after his big mistake
Numbers of Episodes
9 more episodes coming soon
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Hi! Feel free to check out my story :hugs:
Tittle: Agent 66: Born to Kill (CC)
Author: xoRoséxo
Style: Limelight
Genre: Action
Chapters: 5
Description: Agent 66 is an infamous assassin. But when a mission gone wrong, 66 kidnaps Sasha - his possible witness, and sets to discovers the truth before it’s too late.
Instagram: xoroses.episode

Thanks for this thread.
I have two stories, both M and F are fully customizable, and you can name them too!

The following are the description:
My ongoing, new story.
Title: Love Me Again?
Author: Lynn Ann
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance, and with a little drama and mystery
Description: You have always been alone. You had once fell in love with a simple guy, but soon he broke your heart. A year later, he wants you back, so will you love him again?
No. of chapters: 3 (more to come)
Updates: Maybe 1 chapter per week

Link to Love Me Again?:

My first story: Too Good To Be True
Author: Lynn Ann
Style: Limelight
Genre: Mystery, with psychological thriller, drama, romance, comedy, everything!
Description: Your teenage dream did come true when you met YOUR DREAM GUY years later, exactly like you thought it will be! But, is it too good to be true?
No. of chapters: Complete (20 + 3 bonus chapters)
Link to TGTBT:

Thank you, and I hope you will enjoy reading my stories! :heart: