Any Male Stories?


Anybody know good male stories ?


Mr Alan by Aylina Asian
The Next Stage by Lisa P
Spotlight: The Love Scam by Layla Vex (assuming you can get passed the fact that it’s in spotlight format, because it’s really good)
And going to recommend my own while I’m at it…
One of the Girls by Amberose


Here’re some of my favorites:
Maledicta Magick by Layla Vex
Fantastical: The Frontier by Kay Elle
Treasure Hunt by TORIAH
The Baddest Bad Boy That Ever Bad Boy’ed + The B-Team both by MeMyselfAndI
Destiny Dispatcher by Echo Dunkelstrom

The Ladies’ Man’s Playbook by Scotti
Studs and Sonnets by writer.LB

Most are custom character/gender where you’ll be able to choose playing as a male character. Also most have not been updated for some time, I should warn you, but they’re v worth the read I think :grinning:


I recommend The blank page.