Any Maori or Polish speakers to help with foreign characters?

Hey Episodians! I am writing a story that is set in 3 different places Poland, New Zealand (in 1860’s) and England. Most of the story is in English but there are some Polish and Maori dialogue in there. Can anyone check parts of my writing to see if it’s correct?
“Hiha, my pai fellow feline hoa!” Said Kaia.
“Hiha my pai fellow feline hoa ki a koe!” Replied Victoria.
“Why thank you”.
“To koutou manako”.
“Shall we go upstairs” ? Asked Tori.


“This is delicious mamushka”. Gracelle complimented her mother.
“Jen Quela” Thanked Sabrina.
“I agree with Grace, Morris added in, this is świetny”.
“Thank you Morris”. Thanked Sabrina again.
“And also Ms Jouans, thank you-and to you too Gracelle- for letting me stay for śniadanie."

“Tak, jestem porządku.”
“Jen Quela Mamushka”.

Thank you.


hi I am Czech - we are nex to Poland - we have some similarities because both are slavic languages.

But I have no idea what the “Jen Quela” should be …

Thank you is, as far as I know, dziękujęm
śniadanie is brekfest

This is świetny - you mean like it tasted good delicious…here I am not sure but it has the meaning

um…“Tak, jestem porządku.” - what were you tring to say??

Also, my advice does not use google translate for Slavic languages - these languages are much more complex than English - so you will in 90% get it grammatically totally incorrect and in 50% it is complete nonsense - while czech to English works like on 80% vice versa it doesn’t work.

also, your names don’t sound to me Polish for Poland are very typical surnames with W in it


and here you have the popular first name in Poland:


I think I was trying to say “Yes, I’m alright.” Sorry I wrote this a while ago so I can’t really remember.

Thanks so much for the help. I can change the names.

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OH NO Please not mamushka haha. :") I’m Polish and this is kinda offensive, because “mamushka” comes from Russian (i think) and people here REALLY don’t like to be confused with Russians.


We don’t use “Im alright” at all. There’s no such expression. We say “Wszystko w porządku” or “Wszystko okej”


Oh… sorry.

Thank you!

No need to! I’m not that sensitive :wink: don’t worry

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