Any monster high fans out there?

Haiii okay okay I know it’s really old buuuut I just love that show :relieved::relieved::relieved:



I was also just planning on eating cereal and watching one of their movies I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Thanks for your time :purple_heart:


OMG yess I had so many Monster high!
My prize posession was Toralei

well I used to love them they really buckled down…
From doll quality and show. But their not as popular… :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:
but they still hold a special place in my heart


oh my goddd yesss i used to watch those as a little kid along with arthur and winx club hahah!! my favorite characters were Draculaura and Cleo, I loved the movie where I think a vampire came and hypnotized Draculaura and a werewolf broke the spell or something haahaha

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Lets be honest ever after high was a complete rip off :sneezing_face::pensive:


and it wasn’t good at all

I use to have a crush on him :sweat_smile::purple_heart:. (The werewolf)

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I had a crush on Porter Geist

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Bahah we all did

I use to be a player player :relieved:

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i dont blame you :wink:

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one thing I never under stood why gill was is a suit but legions wasn’t.
and yet they said he’s fresh water but. That still doesn’t explain why
like is Laguna a frog. Like an anfipain
and Gill is an actual fish?

Oh why Goullia has specific people understand her. Like in the first ever movie Frankie didn’t know what she was saying saying. But then in later movies thay all understood her but only us?

Nobody really cares about gill and laguna their just supporting characters honestly :woman_shrugging:t2:

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But their style was LEGENDARY


I agree!!

Its a show about monsters I ain’t questioning anything :relieved:

I toO THIS DAY have a giant collection oh mh and eah dolls that i refuse to part with woohoo

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I still want to watch them☹️

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Omg MY CHILDHOOD :sob::sob:


I never use them but I keep most of my old ones in a bin. And, I still have all the movies too :sweat_smile: maybe I’ll sell them one day or smth

I love that show
You just simply read my mind

Bro I have these in my attic somewhere!
Me and my sister would wake up early and play with them! :joy:
Talk about nostalgia!

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