Any monster high fans out there?

Yep, and still watching it, never gets old.

That was my shi- when I was younger. I had the dolls, monster high pillows, a monster high truth or dare game, the monster high game on the Nintendo DS. My mom even bought me their school :weary: (It was a toy obviously, lmao)

I don’t remember much about Monster high anymore though. All I know is that one named Claudine.

Yaaaaaaas Guurl!!!
I just watched all their Movies in the last few Dayssss
I love it!!!

I have so many of them!! 36+! All of them are standing in my room (I’m 18xdxd) And I even bought a rare AF doll for 200+ bucks so yeah… I was a fan xd

i have millions of posters and magazines!! the movies were amazing jdsbhaa
my parents didn’t allow me to buy the dolls bcuz we christian :pleading_face:

did anyone else have the Nintendo game where you got to go to school with them? I couldn’t get past the locker combination mini game :roll_eyes:

I love it!

used to ummmm :new_moon_with_face:

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Haha, I haven’t watched it in years.

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Doesn’t matter but saying used to really hit deep :roll_eyes:

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Aw, I’m sorry.

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Im joking :relieved::relieved: kinda…

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Ommmg monster high is the best thing ever
( monster high 12 wishes best movie :relieved: )

Oh my god yessssss. I loved this show hahahah. But I don’t watch it so often anymore.

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