Any motivational tips?

How do you guys keep you motivation up? Through music or what?! …pls help me

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I get really hooked on some plot, and just like … idk can’t stop typing until it’s over … ?

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I was bullied a lot through school and what really helped me was writing. And what helped me with writing was inspirational music that would be playing if I were in a movie at that time.

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I’m sorry you are being bullied in school, I don’t understand why people do that and I get so angry when I hear about it! I hope things get better and thanks for the advice!:blush:

PS: Sorry for late answer, have been away for personal reasons.

What?! Really?! I come up with new everytime I watch movie, listen to music or anything else that inspires me. It’s really starting to get annoying because I can’t write a complete story. But that’s how I am, I guess…:thinking:

I want to add to what I said before. I said i get really hooked into some plot. Like, I really do. I legit doze off in class, thinking about directions to take my story, and think about it before I go to sleep. Then if I get a really good idea in a private setting - I whip Yes, I throw my hand and wip, idk it’s just instinct. I guess I get totally into it.

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My problem is I can’t start a story without thinking of a new one. I’ve never come as far as to the middle. I hope this changes, but I reallydon’t think so…

I can come up with things that I would like in my story too, but then I take break, watch a movie, listen to a song and then a new idea pops into my head

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