Any Mystery/Thriller/Horror Story Recommendations?


I love a good mystery! Especially when choices matter and the protagonist’s fate is in your hands… But I feel like I’ve read all the good mysteries there is, or maybe I just haven’t found them yet? That’s why I need your help. If you have any stories to recommend, please tell me! Thank you so much in advance!

I’m really into mystery/thriller/horror at the moment, so I preferably want the story to be within those genres. I’m also looking for a story where choices matter and result in different endings. The story doesn’t have to be popular, self promo is alright. I don’t have any criteria when it comes to length, but preferably not more than 30 episodes. I also love the Limelight style, so that’s also preferred, but Ink is great as well.

Stories I’ve read with somewhat these criteria:
Smoke & Mirrors 1 & 2 | Scotti
Murder, She Wrote | Scotti
Wentworth | writer.LB
Spotlight: Maternal Instincts | Elise C.
Valor Woods | Angie S.
All Hallows: Trick or Deceased | Morningstar
All Hallows: Recipe for Fear | Shruti Karthikeyan
Haunted: Mentality | Latricia Lake


I highly recommend 911: Call Me If You Can by Lark Noah :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :smiley: I will definitely try that out!


hiya I would recommend
Catfish by Episode
Pretty Little Liars by Episode
The Elevator Game bb MichaelaP
Dead Roses by Beeble Hope (I would recommend reading Music From His Heart first to understand the story a bit more)