Any Mystery/Thriller/Horror Story Recommendations?


I love a good mystery! Especially when choices matter and the protagonist’s fate is in your hands… But I feel like I’ve read all the good mysteries there is, or maybe I just haven’t found them yet? That’s why I need your help. If you have any stories to recommend, please tell me! Thank you so much in advance!

I’m really into mystery/thriller/horror at the moment, so I preferably want the story to be within those genres. I’m also looking for a story where choices matter and result in different endings. The story doesn’t have to be popular, self promo is alright. I don’t have any criteria when it comes to length, but preferably not more than 30 episodes. I also love the Limelight style, so that’s also preferred, but Ink is great as well.

Stories I’ve read with somewhat these criteria:
Smoke & Mirrors 1 & 2 | Scotti
Murder, She Wrote | Scotti
Wentworth | writer.LB
Spotlight: Maternal Instincts | Elise C.
Valor Woods | Angie S.
All Hallows: Trick or Deceased | Morningstar
All Hallows: Recipe for Fear | Shruti Karthikeyan
Haunted: Mentality | Latricia Lake


I highly recommend 911: Call Me If You Can by Lark Noah :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :smiley: I will definitely try that out!