Any natives speakers of Portuguese?


Hi! Is there someone who is a native speaker of Portuguese? (In particular Brazilian Portuguese since the characters are Brazilian). I need it for my story, since there is a part in which some characters speak it!


I’m not a native speaker, but if been picking it up over the last couple of years. Voce fala Portugues?


No I don’t! That’s why I need help :blush::blush: could you help me translate some sentences or tell me if I translated them right?


Sure! But you may not need my help. If you’re only writing some parts of it in Portuguese, then it’s fine if the grammar is a little off which will probably happen when you use google translate. But since not many people (if anyone) reading your story understand Portuguese, they won’t be able to tell the difference. But I would still be happy to help! PM me with any questions.


Hi, I’m Brazilian and I speak Portuguese natively. If you need any help, I can help you. my English is not one of the best