Any new RP's? I need some!


I’m looking to join new RP’s!! I have a lot on my mind and I need to RP to help ease my mind… please someone give me some active RP’s to join or a new one to join! Thanks.


Honestly I’m interested in getting into more rps too! All the ones I have in mind you are in though lol.


Lol… come to Red Band society. It’s a cool idea…


I’ll check it out!


You could join my roleplay. @ChayChay


Tag me there if you haven’t already… lol I will definitely check it out…


You could join Powerful if you want. :3


I have one. It’s called, “ The Confessions of a Convicted YouTuber “ I hope to see you there!!


You could join my RP. It’s called The Safe Haven of Havela.


Can you tag me there so I can see what it’s about?


Yep I can