Any New Writers Like Me?



Hi guys I’m new to Episode Interactive and I’'m just looking for new people like me :smile:.


Present lol


right here lol


Yesss!! b


Are any of you working on a story?


I am sort of




Hi have had episode since January! So I would say I am kind of new! I haven’t really connected much with people who have Episode. So this post is really nice! And I am just now writing a story of my own!


Ooooo cool whats it about?


I’m still deciding on what I want the plot to be about but for right now I am practicing different coding and directing on the portal. Did you say you were writing a story?




Thats awesome what is yours about?!




Hi! I wouldn’t say I’m really new but I am kind of new with the whole writing a story type thing lol… What is your story gonna be about???


Oh nvm lol I just seen:

Good luck on your story!


Hi! I am, sort of.


Thank you so much


Omg are you a bts stan?!


Yeah, bro.


I’m new!

Still working on my first story, haven’t even finished chapter 2. Got overwhelmed by the programming, lol.