Any Non-Cliché Episode Stories?

Oml we have such similar tastes: I am into werewolves and mythical creatures too!

Lemme get my list:

  1. The legendary white wolf
  2. The wolf within
  3. Alpha
  4. Child of the moon
  5. The prophecy: The lost heir to olympus
  6. Dirty blood
  7. Empty abuse (about a wolf that suffered abuse)
  8. Moonlight feathers
  9. In my blood
  10. Galileo School of Magic
  11. The most Powerful scream
  12. Legacy
  13. Beneath the surface
  14. Bitten
  15. Power of the Moon
  16. Wicked Academics
  17. Infamous
  18. The supernatural family
  19. Exosculation
  20. Mated to a werewolf
  21. Forced vampire
  22. Thousand dollar friend
  23. Son of poseidon
  24. The Devils Deal
  25. Destined to be protected
  26. Who I belong to
  27. Engaged to a vampire.

I could list more but I really have to pee.


Idk If you’ll like mine but imma share it anyways

Genre: action

Author: Kenya

Description: Lee was taught that emotions make her weak. But when evil targets her home & friends, & she discovers her lost power, she needs to learn how to embrace those emotions to save both.

Main character is a POC, and it involves a lot of super powered based characters


And here’s the cover as well:

Hope you like it🙃


I guess u will like mine then u can give it a try if u wish.
It’s called " Black Hearts, Golden Desires"

  • Story Description: Nand,a princess of Solataria,is trained to protect her family and kingdom. What will happen if an old enemy arises for revenge?Will Nand be able to handle the storm coming her way?
  • Link:
  • genre: Fantasy

Yess, I love Costa.

AW: Chosen has received very nice feedback, and we believe that you will like it!

It’s far from being cliche, trust us! :wink:

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My story does involve high school cliches like mean girls and bad boys but there are some plot twists that subvert expectations.

Title: The Depths of Newport
Author: baechulgi
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Description: Forced into Witness Protection, Nadia moves to a small town on the east coast. Juggling love, friendship, and school, Nadia uncovers what lies beneath the depths of Newport.

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I recommend you check all of Elise C’s stories. They might just be what you’re looking for.

You should start with Cyberstalk imo but if you prefer Limelight you can start with Maternal Instincts too.