Any one fancy doing some art for my story? I am working on the third episode so it will be out soon!

Is someone able to make some art for me out of my characters in the same positions or similar positions they are in at the moment/ maybe incorporate their powers into it x

The male with black hair has the fire element.
The male with white hair has the power of wind and weather (storms) elements.
The male with blue hair has the water element.
And the Female MC in the middle…we don’t know what her power is…yet :wink: x

I wanted a piece of art that i can use in the begging of chapters to verify that my story uses music and stuff or maybe even for one of my covers. Obviously ill credit you in my story too x
The height differences are also in the picture I added x
yep…the MC is tiny x

My story is called: The Prophecy Hidden in the Stars.

Thank youuu x

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OoooOOooOo I actually wanna read this story :innocent: